Quality management is a key element in the activity of SC TOP DESIGN SRL, each phase of the production process being very carefully monitored by our team of quality control specialists. Also, besides fulfilling the economic goals, we pay a lot of attention to the environment by promoting a responsible organisational culture, a policy for pollution prevention and for the carefull recycling of materials.

As  welding metallic components with specific procedures represents an important part of our activity , we have very experienced staff qualified in this field and we continuously invest in improving the qualification of our employees.

We pay great attention to the quality of the systems with injected foam on metallic frames manufactured by our company, by rigorously monitoring them, from the design phase to the actual manufacture of the products.


Most systems , accessories  and subassemblies  used in our production process are made  in our own specialized workshops and developed by our design department.

We take pride in  our devices and  systems made with the  TOP DESIGN patents that are  designed and manufactured to provide the final product with maximum functionality, durability and comfort.


In the production process we use only high quality raw materials, provided by specialized manufacturers in the field, with which we have solid and long-term partnerships.


We can easily meet the requirements of the current market because of  the  variety   of machines that  our factory has at its disposal . For an efficient and sustainable modernization of our production process, our company is constantly procuring state-of-the-art equipment and is always up-to-date with the latest innovations in the field.

The technology we have covers the entire range of mechanical operations needed to be performed on metallic parts. Our technical equipment allows us to perform accurate operations on the raw material.

The machines we use in our welding section allow our specialists to perform a high quality  MIG welding, but also Argon welding to combine stainless steel elements.

We are one of the few European manufacturers that own foam injection technology. The great number of moulds  created based on our own concepts, allow us to easily meet the market requirements in terms of design, comfort, ergonomics and reliability.

A special part of our company’s activity is the manufacturing of stainless steel elements and devices. The existing technology allows their mass production at quality standards. With the help of specific tools for stainless steel polishing, we can perform most finishings  requested by the market.


SC TOP DESIGN SRL guarantees the delivery terms due to the management support, the coordination of the planning and due to the company’s organisational flows offered by the ERP application (Enterprise Resource Planning) implemented and customized together with SAP consultants.



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